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From our open source flight software, and cloud-based hardware testing, to our 21st century mission operations, Kubos provides the software your mission needs. De-risk your mission with savvy, ongoing training and support that’s available when you need it.

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Stop reinventing the wheel.

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Start building better missions. 

Full-Stack Flight Software for Satellites

Introducing a space-grade flight system with ongoing support.

KubOS Flight System

Space-grade flight software for satellites. Learn more..


RTOS or Linux Operating Systems

Remote Update

Telemetry Modules

Command and Control

SDK and Tooling

Communication Protocols

Integrated Solution
KubOS is a bare metal-to-API solution for satellites – a complete, integrated package combining your choice of operating system, preconfigured COTS hardware support, and developer tools.

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Developers Tools


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KubOS was built with developers in mind. That’s why we have focused on building out our SDK, tooling, and documentation to make using KubOS enjoyable. Space is hard … the software you use doesn’t have to be.

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