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An open source, integrated platform built to run on any satellite subsystem. KubOS flight software focuses on managing your satellite bus so you can focus on building your mission. Packaged into an integrated distribution, KubOS is comprised of three parts: a customized operating system (RTOS or Linux), Kubos’ hardware abstraction layer (HAL), and Kubos Core flight middleware. With an SDK built for developers, KubOS is the developer’s choice.
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Command Shell

Send commands to the satellite through both ground station and laptop

Telemetry Beacon

A configurable beacon of data giving you archived snapshots of the health of the satellite

Logging API

Collect, store, and recall application data as needed

Remote Update

Built-in remote updating, allowing for new features or flashing if things get hairy in orbit

More than an Operating System

It’s a fully integrated platform to build your mission on. KubOS handles all the core functionality and integration with any satellite subsystem, and simplifies development of your mission’s payload.

Technical Details


  • IPC
  • Logging
  • AX.25 / APRS
  • UDP/IP
  • NMEA parser and GPS support
  • HAL w/ support for GPIO, UART, SPI, I2C, SDIO
  • Healthkeeping Framework
  • Debugging Tools
  • CubeSat Space Protocol
  • Docker-based distribution
  • Includes preconfigured Toolchains
  • CMake build system
  • ARM’s yotta module dependency system


  • MSP430
  • ARM Cortex-M
  • ARM9
  • Cortex-A


Cubesat OBC

  • NanoAvionics SatBus 3C1
  • ISIS iOBC*
  • PocketQube OBC

* coming soon

Our FreeRTOS based distribution of KubOS
KubOS Linux
Our customized Linux distribution of KubOS.

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Who is KubOS for?

We built KubOS from the ground up for satellite developers. Using our SDK, tools, and community, developers can focus on the most business-critical part of the mission: the payload. Regardless of your mission and objective, KubOS is the solution you need.

Whether it is an ISS deployment or going to deep space, KubOS can de-risk and de-stress your mission. We focus on the software so you can focus on your objectives.
KubOS has been designed from the ground up to give you the control and scalability constellations need.

KubOS is great for universities or early stage development. Leveraging the open source community, code, and documentation, you can be up and running in no time.

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