This is Ground Control

Major Tom is cloud-based mission control software designed to simplify and streamline operations. Major Tom brings a modern user experience and design to mission operations. Major Tom sits between the operator and the ground station and displays the data you want while having the configurability the mission needs. Major Tom is compatible with a range of ground hardware and ground station network providers.    

Making Mission Operations Better Through:

Configurable Dashboards

Arrange, prioritize and control what data you see and how you see it.

File Download and Upload

Monitor upload and status updates of files, images, and binaries to and from your satellite

Job Queue

A clean and detail Scheduler for sending commands during passes

KubOS Integration

Major Tom is integrated into the KubOS development process. Same tools and workflow throughout the mission life cycle.

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Your mission, fully integrated

With KubOS integration, you get a complete picture of your satellite from day 1. Major Tom will already be configured for your KubOS supported hardware, no additional setup required. It understands your hardware just like the manufacturer. With Major Tom’s built-in monitoring and testing, you’ll have confidence in your satellite immediately.

Configurable and Queryable Telemetry Dashboard

Telemetry Logging

Commanding (Scripted, Real Time)

Hopper Testing Portal

Real Time and Logged Telemetry Analysis

Threshold Value and Error Monitoring

Command Line Shell


Dynamic Command and Telemetry Definition

Redefining Mission Ops

Incorporating Major Tom during satellite development allows teams to use the same tools, workflow, and processes during operations and in development. This eliminates the boundary between mission operations and development. Using separate software solutions requires more engineers, increases overhead, and fuels inefficiencies. There is a better way. With one software solution engineers are cross trained, lowering cost and increasing efficiency. Major Tom redefines how Mission Ops is done.

File Transfer

The Major Tom file transfer feature allows operators to not only send new files the spacecraft but give clear and details status of each file. Upload new images, binaries and more all through a simple and easy to use interface.

Job Queue

With the Major Tom job queue, scheduling and prioritizing new commands for your spacescraft has finally entered the 21st century. Creating new job passes is easy with the ability to add, delete, and rearrange jobs quickly.

Want to See Major Tom in Action?

Request a demo today to see how Major Tom is redefining Missions Operations.

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