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Service and support from the team that built KubOS.

Who are Service Level Agreements (SLA) for?

We created KubOS for developers building satellites. Developers need proper tools, a supportive community, and an unwavering commitment to see their missions through to completion. Using our SDK and community, they can forget about little details like SPI lines and drivers and focus on the mission at hand. Regardless of your mission and objective, KubOS is the solution you need.


Building a demo mission to prove out the next big thing oh, and you’ve never built a satellite before? We can help. Our SLAs take the risk out of meeting deadlines, development roadblocks, inexperience, and on-orbit issues with your demo. You need the mission to be successful because you have bigger things on your mind.

Our SLAs streamline the development process and can help manage the constellation. Whether it is two satellites or 200, our SLAs scale with you.

Have a crazy cool instrument, but need to fly in space? Looking to push the limits of human understanding, but are at a loss on how to get in space? With a Development SLA, we can handle the mission design and planning, as well as payload integration. With an Operational SLA you can focus on your data while Kubos focuses on the satellite.

A customized service level agreement with Kubos is the solution you’re looking for: you focus on the mission, and we’ll focus on the satellite.

What problems do SLAs solve?

Putting together a satellite mission can be overwhelming, and each mission has it own goals and barriers to deal with. However, we found there are certain problems that all satellite developers are concerned about and are looking to solve.

Our SLAs are thoughtfully designed to address these common problems, and to be flexible enough to solve any unique problems related to your mission. Each mission is a beautiful snowflake, and we aim to keep the temperature well below freezing.


Risk is a given factor in all missions, but our SLAs are designed to de-risk your mission by providing expert and ongoing support. Thanks to the custom bootloaders and remote update features built into the KubOS software, our responsive and knowledgeable engineering team will monitor and solve your on-orbit software problems in real time.


Datelines, milestones, and runways all have a tight schedule. Our SLAs guarantee timely and continuous access to the people that built KubOS from the ground up, allowing your team to stay on schedule. No more week-long roadblocks or repeating mistakes we’re here to get you through the issues quickly and correctly.


Whether it is integrating the payload with the bus, or the radio with the onboard computer, there are always unexpected issues that occur during integration. We are experts in the software and will work alongside you during onsite integration.

Development SLA

Guaranteed Response Time (hr)

Base Hours Monthly

Day Cancallation Notice

Development SLAs go from concept to the handoff to the launch provider. We guarantee a set of hours to be used as the individual mission requires, whether design, development, or debugging. SLAs are a resource for your team: timely response to issues, no waiting around, and no more development roadblocks.

What’s Included

During the satellite’s development phase, Kubos’ engineers will be available for questions via email, web, or phone with a guaranteed response to any issue. Response times come in 4, 2, and 1 business hour segments to meet the mission needs.

Kubos dedicates a monthly base number of hours for missions during development for debugging, programming, design, and helping push through roadblocks. How the monthly hours are used are up to you to determine. Kubos can fill any role, including:

  • Mission Design
  • Code Review
  • Software Architecture
  • Debugging
  • Training
  • Custom Code Development

Mission development is an ever-changing process. Timelines change, engineers change, money changes, and objectives change, which is why we designed our Development SLA to be able to change with you. Development SLAs come standard with 30-day cancellation policy, flexible hours after base hours are met, as well as full support for all software on the satellite.

Kubos offers blocks of engineering hours for assistance during the integration period of the satellite. Our engineers will be available in person to test, integrate, and validate the software on the flight hardware, as well as to resolve any errors that occur. 

How Clients use Development SLAs

  • Consulting 60%
  • Development 30%
  • Mission Planning 10%

Operational SLA

Guaranteed Response Time (hr)

Base Hours Monthly

Month Contract

Kubos offers service level agreements (SLA) to satellite operators to provide support to the mission through guaranteed response time, onsite integration, as well as operational hours while the satellite is in orbit. Knowing that the team that built and architected the software will be there for you to help solve complex issues, reduce the risk of lost time and lost revenue from a non-operational satellite, and help you deliver maximum value to your customers brings you peace of mind. SLAs are offered as yearly subscriptions, allowing the satellite operator to balance the need for support with the needs of the mission.

What’s Included

During the first 12 months of the satellite’s operation phase, Kubos’ engineers will be available for questions via email, web, or phone with a guaranteed response to any issue. Kubos will integrate into the existing ground control process, notifying Kubos of any problems as soon as they occur. Response times come in 4, 2, and 1 business hour segments to meet the mission needs.

Kubos will also dedicate monthly base hours to diagnose and resolve issues during the first 12 months of satellite operation. Operation hours can be used for:

  • Satellite Deployment
  • Satellite Acquisition
  • Issue Diagnosing
  • Bug Fixes
  • Software Updates
Operational SLAs are 12-month contracts that renew yearly for the lifetime of the satellite. We are there at the beginning and at the end. We’re more than a software vendor we are a partner.

How clients use Operational SLAs

  • Debugging 50%
  • Feature Development 30%
  • Software Updates 20%

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