Ground Control Checking In Podcast – S1E2p1 (Glen Ivey)

A Day in the Life Never Looks Quite the Same from Space Part 1 

For episode 2 of the Ground Control | Checking In podcast, host Simon Halpern sat down with two Kubos employees to learn about their career journey and perspectives on the future of the space industry. For part 1 of the 2 part episode, Simon was joined by Glen Ivey, Senior Engineer for Kubos and lead developer for Major Tom.

You Had Me at Space

Glen was excited to join Kubos and be a part of the space software revolution with an extensive background in software development but never worked in the space industry. On the episode, Glen recalled a recent mission his team worked on, “the big thrill for me was seeing our customer satellites going up on SpaceX’s Transporter 2 and actually being able to see the video and hear the customer names being called out as the satellites popped off the launcher, that was really incredible. To know that I was a part of it and that our customers relied on us and could rely on us, that was a really emotional moment.” Glen also talked about the level of trust with Kubos’ customers, “there is a lot of responsibility in the fact that if we go down, people wouldn’t be able to talk to their satellites. The amount of trust, that is deeper than exciting.”

Having worked at small companies previously, Glen knows that team culture constantly shifts with growth, new employees, and new customers. It’s crucial to Glen to be an active contributor in helping shape the culture, especially with supporting team members. “We have a good culture around checking in with each other, making sure what we do when together is useful and justifies the time being invested.

“We have a weekly retrospective process and I think we are pretty good at tuning what we are doing in response to what the business needs and what we need from each other,” Glen said.

Better and Bigger: An Exciting Time to be in the Space Industry

For Kubos, Glen sees a large opportunity in front of them, saying, “I see us growing with the industry in a really cool way. There are lots of companies doing work that reimagine how to build larger satellites and manage larger satellites. This gives us a bright future as the industry expands and grows.”

Glen is also excited about the growing capabilities for Kubos’ mission control platform, Major Tom, “when we look at the industry as a whole, there are many things that Major Tom could grow into and deliver for people. The fact that we can take all that possibility and filter it down and address their (customers) specific needs, I think that is the best way to grow a piece of technology rather than sit in a back room and decide what the industry needs.”

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