KubOS 1.20 Upgrading Rust

This latest release of KubOS is a small collection of bug fixes and documentation improvements, some of which are from our community members! The biggest change with this release is the upgrade to Rust v1.39.0. As a result, you’ll need to update your SDK and any boards or platforms you’ve installed KubOS on. You can update the board by doing a full reinstall of KubOS, or by going through the upgrade process.

Installing Archived Apps

We’ve also added the ability to install a mission app via an archive file, in addition to the current method of installing via a full directory. This allows the mission application to be transferred to the board as a single file, and loaded in without the additional step of unpacking it, which is especially useful when uploading in flight.

As Always…

Check out the changelog for the full list of changes with this release! If you have any feedback/issues/wonderful words for our team, you can always come talk to us on Slack, or open an issue on our GitHub. For all of you out there looking to contribute to KubOS, please check out our guide to contributing, and please give us feedback on how we can make it easier for you! We’re always looking to make sure we serve our community of contributors, and we’re actively looking for more ideas of how to do so.

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