KubOS 1.21 Files and USB

This latest release of KubOS and Kubos Linux includes a random assortment of much needed features, documentation, and bug fixes. We’ve finally documented the minimum system requirements for KubOS (after typing it way too many times in the community Slack). As for the features, we’ve added the much-requested USB support on the Beaglebone Black, and some new config options to let you fine-tune the file service.

File Service Improvements

The file service has taken another step towards being optimized for a space-ground link. We’ve added extensive configuration options to allow you to fully customize the transfer behavior to optimize your cpu load and link behavior. As you’re testing your space-ground link, we highly recommend tweaking these configurations to get the best possible throughput on your file transfers!

USB Support on the Beaglebone Black

Many users have been requesting USB support for the Beaglebone Black, and we figured we’d go ahead and take care of that for them! Check out the kubos-linux-build release for the full list of changes that this new release includes.

As Always…

Check out the changelog for the full list of changes with this release! If you have any feedback/issues/wonderful words for our team, you can always come talk to us on Slack, or open an issue on our GitHub. For all of you out there looking to contribute to KubOS, please check out our guide to contributing, and please give us feedback on how we can make it easier for you! We’re always looking to make sure we serve our community of contributors, and we’re actively looking for more ideas of how to do so.

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