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We have a wide variety of deployment options to fit your needs. One satellite is included with every plan.

Advantages of Cloud Deployments

Updates and Upgrades

Major Tom updates and upgrades come standard on all cloud deployments. Updates include all security and feature improvements, while upgrades cover new feature releases. Customers can choose to automatically install these updates and upgrades or manually select when to update and upgrade.


Backups and Network Support

Cloud deployments will have automatic backups and routine security audits. Allowing Kubos to manage all mission control IT and network requirements dramatically reduces the need for staff network administrators and the overhead of managing in-house server hardware.


Remote Access

The cloud deployments of Major Tom allow secure remote access to users. Operators, engineers, management teams, and customers across physically different locations can access and use the same data and applications without complicated IT infrastructure.


Frequently Asked Questions

We have answers to your most common questions

Production vs Development Mission

Both mission types are a group of satellites and gateways. Production Missions can support both space and terrestrial satellites and have no data rate limitations. Development Missions can only support terrestrial-based satellites and do have data rate limits.

Do you offer monthly subscriptions for On-Premise deployments

No. We only offer annual subscriptions for On-Premise deployments.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes! If you commit to a year of Major Tom you get a discount on monthly pricing, 12 months for the price of 10!

Does a "satellite" have to be a satellite?

No, a satellite can be any external system connected through a Gateway. Customers have connected simulators, ground stations, raspberry pi computers, cloud servers, and even cell phones to Major Tom.

What is included in the SLA support?

SLA Support includes product on-boarding and setup, bi-monthly engineering meetings, a guaranteed response time, product feedback and launch support.

Do you offer free trials?

Yes, we offer a 30-day free trial of Major Tom at the Standard tier. Sign up here to get started asap.

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"Major Tom's focus on automation means our customers could see a 90% reduction in their operations workforce."

– Jeroen Rotteveel, CEO, ISISpace

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