Cloud-Based Mission Control Software

A modern experience for satellite operations


Major Tom focuses on bring values to customers beyond controlling satellites.




Major Tom is refining what customer expect from a mission control software.


Published pricing with simple monthly and yearly options


Developer tools embedded in Major Tom


Commonly used standards to simplify integrations


Understand your data through intuitive dashboards


Space-grade cloud security for your mission


Well defined APIs to integrate and share data


Public and up-to-date technical documentation


User-defined Automation through Scripting

Data Security

Major Tom adheres to standard web encryption best practices for protecting user information and data. Major Tom is compliant, through Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) 800-53 Revision 4 framework, and will be eligible for FedRAMP compliance. Major Tom enforces server-side HTTPS for all user interaction as well as all ground station and scripting interfaces. All certificates use SHA-256 with RSA Encryption. Through Kubernetes, Major Tom can enforce fine-grained access control through both Ingress and Firewall configuration.

Gateway Partner Program

We have created a global program of certified ground network partners. GPP gives real value to customers through:

  • Access to pre-integrated ground network providers
  • Reduced development time standing up an end-to-end ground solution
  • Lowering execution risk through proven solutions

The future of satellite operations

Major Tom has been used in satellite operations since 2017 and is proud to support governments and commercial companies across the globe.

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