Sending commands to the payload, a subsystem or complex bus commands are simple.


Build custom automation into Major Tom through our API

File Transfer

Two-way transfer enables software updates, commanding, scripting, and telemetry data dumps


Track multiple satellites with orbital path predictions


Concise and robust telemetry dashboards to view as much or as little data as desired.


Pre-installed to work with COTS ground stations and flight software (and, of course, KubOS)

Space is Complicated,
Ground can be Simple

Operator Focused

Major Tom puts the operator first. It all starts with a clean and simple interface, then divers deep into functionality. By focusing on the visuals in addition to the workflow, Major Tom is so simple to use a CEO could operate a satellite (not that CEO should).

On Premise

  • Low latency
  • Meets gov requirements
  • Self controlled backups
  • Secure Connection

Cloud-based Deployment

Introducing the first full cloud-based deployment of a mission control software. Major Tom removes the need for complex IT infrastructure and manual processes by leveraging cloud technology. What this means for the user is increased performance and significantly lowers cost, both in software fees and internal overhead. For strict government requirements, Major Tom can be deployed on premise

Multi-Satellite Operations

Today’s missions demand more the what traditional TT&C solutions can offer. Mission operators want to build autonomous satellite constellations to change the world. Major Tom is the most scalable and manageable mission control software in the industry. From scaling and managing large data sets to commanding multiple satellites, from constellations to orbit optimization, Major Tom is the mission control solution for your mission.

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