Gateway Partner Program

Kubos is bringing the software revolution to space. We allow spacecraft builders and operators to securely build and operate their constellation on any hardware from anywhere.


What is Kubos GPP?

Together with Certified Partners, Kubos has created a network that offers a seamless transition through all stages of a satellite's lifecycle. GPP is a program that ensures the highest levels of quality and security for cloud based satellite operations with Major Tom. Kubos and Partners have handled all aspects of ground station C2 software integration so that the customer can focus on their mission.

GPP Certified Partners, who have different interfaces, protocols, and processes, benefit from exposure to the full spectrum of missions using Major Tom for their day-to-day operations.


Increase your funnel and access new customers at earlier stages in their lifecycle.


Enhance your capabilities by connecting to our API


Certified integration leads to increased customer confidence


Who can participate?

Ground Station Hardware, Ground Station Network, and Simulation infrastructure providers that wish to expose their products and services to the ecosystem of modern, cloud-based satellite operations led by Major Tom.

Kubos has developed a Gateway Certification Test (GCT) that certifies the quality, security, and performance of a Partner’s Gateway. Certification details are listed below:

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  • Securely encrypts data to all external end points (including Major Tom) over HTTPS, and validates SSL certificates
  • Routes uplinked Commands from Major Tom to a Satellite via a Ground Station or Ground Station Network
  • Properly validates and handles all command lifecycle states
  • Implements incremental progress states for preparing and uplinking commands to a Satellite
  • Supports both uplink and downlink of files through the File Transfer API
  • Supports all WebSocket message types sent from Major Tom
  • Routes downlinked Telemetry to Major Tom through the Measurements API
  • Follows all recommended error recovery and data handling practices as outlined in the Major Tom Gateway API documentation
Partner certification also includes alignment with Kubos on best-practice coding standards and a DevOps operations philosophy.
Why become a Partner?

The benefits of becoming a partner

Partners Recieve
  • Better quality and more extensive exposure to customers at earlier stages in the customer lifecycle
  • Easier sell with a Certified end-to-end solution
  • No infrastructure investment required for C2 — Major Tom is cloud-based
Customers Value
  • Access to a global network of certified and pre-integrated ground network providers
  • No RF or embedded engineering required (integration of the ground infrastructure stack is already complete)
  • Reduced NRE required for an integrated COTS end-to-end ground solution (lower up-front investment)
  • Ease of purchase, instant implementation of Major Tom and rapid integration with network partners
  • A huge head-start compared to reading an ICD and starting to code their own integration from scratch
  • Reduced execution risk

Kubos GPP partners offer best-in-class ground station networks

Companies across the spectrum - from small antennas for CubeSat LEO missions, to Tier 1 to Prime providers of GEO and interplanetary services. GPP Partners offer a variety of signal bands and follow rigorous security protocols to safeguard against intrusion as well as to certify for regulatory bodies. GPP offers both US-only (as needed by US export-controlled customers) and international options for mission operators.

Register for more information, including:

  • Joint marketing effort
  • Coordinated effort on customer interaction
  • Jointly prepared sales/tech materials, shared dealflow
  • Implementing and validating their Gateway against the GCT
GPP is core to Kubos’ mission to accelerate humanity’s deployment of space technology. By working to bring about standardization with its partners, Kubos is positioned as a one-stop shop for customers who require infrastructure on the ground to connect with any orbit. Together with certified Partners, Kubos will leverage GPP to rapidly and reliably deploy a wide range of mission configurations and capabilities for customers.

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