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The inaugural season of the Ground Control | Checking In Podcast.

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Season 1

Episode 1 - The Future of the Software Revolution for Space with Kubos Co-Founder Tyler Browder. On this episode, Tyler talks with host Simon Halpern about the origin story of Kubos, plans for growth, and the future of the software revolution for space.

Episode 2 part 1 - A day in the life never looks quite the same from space with our Lead Developer - Glen Ivey. On this 2-part episode, we visit with Glen to learn about his path to Kubos, working at Kubos and working with our valued customers.

Episode 2 part 2 - To the moon! With our Director of Mission Control - Michael Ricks-Aherne On part 2 of this episode, Michael talks with Simon about what it means to build and use mission control and paints a future for Major Tom.

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