KubOS 1.17 Summer Cleaning

With this latest release of KubOS, we’ve mostly done a significant amount of cleanup of many different parts of our system! While this isn’t the most exciting thing to talk about, it’s a necessary part of keeping our system flight-ready. No mission should be delayed by a bad dependency. In addition to these clean up items, we’ve also added some other things that might interest you.

Example Housekeeping App

We’ve added an example application to the repository that helps you monitor the behavior of the onboard computer. This app can not only work out of the box for any mission using KubOS, but it can also serve as an example of how to structure your own applications as you build out your mission in KubOS!

File Transfer Service

The file transfer service has to accommodate a variety of radio configurations. There can be one radio that’s bidirectional or several radios with any combination of downlink and uplink capability. We’ve added the ability to configure the downlink location so the file transfer service (or services) can support whatever radio configuration your mission has.

Update all the Things

With this release, you’ll need to update your SDK and Kubos Linux to be able to work with all the new changes! Check out our docs for information on how to flash the new version of Kubos Linux or update your Vagrant box.

As Always…

Check out the changelog for the full list of changes with this release! If you have any feedback/issues/wonderful words for our team, you can always come talk to us on Slack, or open an issue on our GitHub. For all of you out there looking to contribute to KubOS, please check out our guide to contributing, and please give us feedback on how we can make it easier for you! We’re always looking to make sure we serve our community of contributors, and we’re actively looking for more ideas of how to do so.

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